Welcome to The Vape Network!

The Vape Network is a specialist vaping distribution company that works alongside its retail and brand partners, expertly studying the sell-out data in order to provide: new, fresh & exciting products that the consumer is truly seeking.

Our Mission

We find ourselves in an industry that is currently bursting at the seams, flooded with 1000’s of brands. Unfortunately there are few brands that get things right, with many launching mediocre flavours, poorly branded packaging and simply cutting corners in order to deliver low prices. Of course, selling cheap will always increase unit volume, and in a demanding marketplace each retailer has to cater for all customer price points. Yet to be successful and remain so, one thing remains key; customer satisfaction!

At The Vape Network our mission is for each of our customers to maintain their high margins whilst delivering high quality products that meet the end users expectations. We want to provide you with products that will stand out from the mediocre, and flavours that will make your customers keep coming back for! 

Our business is organised with you, the retailer in mind and our ultimate mission is to help our customers grow both their sales and profit!

So what is The Vape Network?

Through working as a network, a network of the best retailers in the game, we will achieve better results and remain agile when working towards common goals.

The Vape Network will be formed of retailers that take pride in their business, who wish to protect themselves and help maintain the stability, growth, integrity and longevity of the vaping industry.

The same is true of our partner brands, manufacturers and suppliers.

We will work with retailers, brands and manufacturers within our network to make sure that we analyse the data collectively and work in unison to provide products that cater to the core demands of all of your customers.

Our USP’s are not fixed. We can be flexible to each retailer partner and work closely to build a service that benefits your business strategy. This may be ordering, delivery, packaging, manufacturing or marketing needs and requirements.

Whatever it may be, we will work alongside you and tailor our service to your needs.

Our passion for vaping drives us to offer vapers the highest quality, best value products through great retailers who care.

Our Exclusive Brands

To ensure that we are able to offer you the very best performing ranges we are proud to offer a number of quality brands for which we are the exclusive distributors in the UK.